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Some People Who Play Games Are Having A Good Time

Fans express pleasure at nice things

A large group of people playing games are enjoying themselves - and they've taken to social media to say so.

"Game looks absolutely gorgeous, hands down the best looking turn-based RPG around," wrote Reddit user More_Wasted_time about Divinity: Original Sin 2's early access release. "The combat feels a lot more smooth and fun now that they've simplified the AP and added amour elements into the game, no more first turn stuns or freezes!" While on Twitter, user Galactrix wrote that they "love how the loading screens between different sections of Prague are disguised as train rides in @DeusEx #MankindDivided ? #DXMD".

Even game developers have been chiming in, with Enter the Gungeon developer dog roll brent writing on Twitter that Flat Herores is the best feeling platformer he's played in a long time.

Steam reviews for thousands of games are also broadly positive. "This game is great! My computer doesnt even meet the minimum requirements and it runs fine and fast! I love the puzzle element and its perfect for people who like factory managment games!" wrote user TheMightyJ225 of Big Pharma, while General Narducky wrote of another recent game that "Sorcery! has been one big journey for me, a nearly four year long one, and it was worth every minute I waited for the next in the series."

This is part of a long-standing trend of people liking things. "I love Braid," wrote user Sketch on the rllmuk messageboard in 2009. "I loved playing it on a friend's 360, I love the concept and the art and I think it's the most revolutionary take on the platformer in years, taking into account the mindset created by emulators with savestates and rewind features, the time control mechanism is ingeniously implemented and the kind of thing I've been wanting since the travesty that was Blinx."

At the time of writing, no Change.org petition exists related to this issue because people like things the way they are. The vast majority of people are even fine with things which have changed recently, feeling only contentment or perhaps healthy apathy. "Who cares?" perhaps they said about something. "I don't. And whatever my opinion, it's certainly not newsworthy."

We haven't contacted anyone for comment because we're too busy having fun.

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