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Something terrible happening to men in space yet again in horror adventure Fort Solis

Troy Baker and Roger Clark the latest lads who should have just stayed home

A concerned man in a red space suit stands in a corridor in Fort Solis
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In a very short and technically not at all sweet teaser trailer at the Summer Game Fest this year, we saw that terrible things are afoot in isolated space station Fort Solis. Honestly, why does anyone bother building isolated space stations? It's like getting married at Christmas in Albert Square at this point. Geoff was joined on stage by Roger Clark (who you will know from being Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption) and Troy Baker (who you will know from, I dunno, throw a dart, you'll hit one) to briefly talk more about their characters and what the hap is heckening in this horror adventure game.

Cover image for YouTube videoFort Solis | Summer Game Fest 2022 Reveal Trailer

Not a lot to go on from that trailer, apart from that, once again, all is not well in space. According to the lads it's a tight, fast moving thriller, you'll be exploring, there's a lot of action, and there are multiple ways to traverse. They even had a stunt co-ordinator. My my. A gander at the game's new Steam sore page reveals that the base has 9 individual structures, which could mean basically anything at this point.

Baker plays Wyatt Taylor, a medical officer at the not-at-all-ominously-named space station, a place that Baker says is the epicentre of a mystery you'll uncover in the course of the game. Wyatt is, at times, in opposition with Clark's character Jack Leary, who is an engineer on a remote mining post on Mars working the graveyard shift. When stuff goes wrong, therefore, help is "not a simple call away", and when he responds to a routine maintainence call at Fort Solis he is unnerved to discover that the base is apparently empty, and "events begin to unravel and spiral out of control".

Fort Solis is being made by a small team at a new developer called Fallen Leaf Studio, but is, as Geoff says, showing some "high production values". Baker says it was pitched to him as "Dead Space meets Duncan Jones' Moon", which are some pretty contrasting vibes there, and also I guess means clones are in it. Maybe Baker and Clark's characters are clones of the same dude? If it turns out to be that you have to send me a chocolate bar. Although we'll have a while to wait because the release date is currently COMING SOON.

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