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Sonic Forces will let you create your own character

Yo dudes, get rude!

Your own Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic characters will soon be able to actually go on adventures with Sonic. Sega have announced that the upcoming Sonic Forces [official site] will support custom characters, letting you design your own wicked rad animal pal. If you want to run and jump as a pink dog with a sailor hat and a padlock necklace, you absolutely can. I can't promise your dog will get to pash Tails but running around, sure, that's in. Have a look in this trailer:

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Forces, to remind you, is the third-person hogger which mixes side-on and 3D bits much as Sonic Generations did. It'll star Old Sonic and New Sonic, as well as a 'Hero Character' of the player's creation.

The game will pack seven different types of animal -- cat, dog, bear, bird, hedgehog, rabbit, and wolf -- who each have a minor unique ability, like a double-jump or automatically sucking in nearby rings. Then here are cosmetic options like skin colour, gloves, hats, garments, footwear, and everything else you need to make a totally radical Sonicfriend to the max.

Hero Characters also have a choice of gadgets called Wispons, which Sega say "are an evolution of the Color Powers from Sonic Colors and double as both offensive abilities and as a way to platform through levels quickly." Oh, and you get a grappling hook. That's good: my original characters always have grappling hooks. I only hope Forces has the cigarettes and snarl that mark her as a real hardnut.

Sonic Forces is due some time this 'holiday season', which I guess means November-ish. America, maaan. Before then, the 2D Sonic Forces is coming this summer.

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