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Sonic Lost World Spindashes Onto PC


I didn't mention on Monday that Sonic Lost World [official site] had just arrived on PC because, well, even enthusiastic impressions seem to boil the 2013 hedgehog 'em up down to being competent or good for a modern Sonic game - damning with faint praise, that. But! I know The Blue Blur (I do still laugh at Sega using that nickname seriously) means a lot to some folks and while I'm certain I'll never again feel the joy of Sonic 2, don't we live in hope? Don't even bad Sonic games remind us of happy times? The point is: Sonic Lost World has arrived on Windows, two years after its Wii U debut.

Lost World is one of those Sonics with a mix of 2D platforming and 3D zip-o-zoom levels. Also, apparently Sonic does parkour? Sure! The PC release also includes the Nightmare Zone DLC, which is a boss rush mode smashing into characters from ye olde NiGHTS into Dreams. As for port features, Sega says it'll run at 60fps, support keyboard and gamepads, and come with the usual Steam gubbins.

That's it. It's out. You probably already know if you're going to buy it or not, depending on how much you dig the dream of Sonic. It's £19.99 on Steam. Here's a trailer:

(Some would say that Sonic games were always bad, even the very first ones. I... might be swayed that Sonic 1 was a bit iffy. However, Sonic 2, with its spindash-charging and all those colours, is such a merry adventure. It's a big weird world I was very happy to explore, keen to see what was next. Sonic 1 was too crude, Sonic 3 got too elaborate and had too many bad levels, but yeah, I'd still go to bat for Sonic 2.)

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Sonic Lost World

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