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Sonic Mania is out today and it features Sonic

Must travel quickly! That’s the infamous blue hedgehog’s catch phrase and it is doubly meaningful this afternoon, as the noted fugitive’s new two-dimensional adventure has been released on personal computers for all his troubled fans TODAY. Sonic Mania [official site] sees an alledgedly solid return for the steel blue country animal with a disturbing past. You'll be using his trademark guddies and retro style to traverse whole new levels, including but not limited to:

  • The Green Place
  • Consumption Zone
  • Fermented Cactus Juice Bottling Grounds
  • Disco Wetlands
  • Customs & Immigration
  • Mammal Hell

You can also inhabit the body and mind of sidekick creatures like Miles “Tales” Prower, the ugly and resentful weasel with a hundred sorry stories, and Knuckles the Australian, a washed-up amateur boxer with an appetite for illicit pharmaceuticals. You can gang up in a co-op mode or compete with other players in competition mode, whatever those things mean.

As always, Sonic is seeking power and glory by subjugating the scientific community, focusing his cruelty and manipulative plots against Dr Eggman, a well-meaning and nervous lab technician seeking to disprove far-fetched “alternative medicines” such as crystal therapy by testing the effects of emeralds on animals. Previous studies have found neither health benefits nor harm arising from exposure to crystals.

You can buy Sonic Mania on Steam for £14.99

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