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Sony are officially working on PC game support for the PS VR2 headset

Currently in testing, could be ready this year

The Sony PS VR2 VR headset and controllers.
Image credit: Sony

The PS VR2, Sony’s currently PS5-exclusive VR gaming headset, looks like it’ll be latching onto the faces of PC owners as well. Tucked away in a PlayStation blog post about upcoming PS VR2 games, Sony Interactive content communications manager Gillen McAllister confirmed that Sony are "currently testing the ability for PS VR2 players to access additional games on PC" and that the plan is have this extra support ready within 2024.

It's probably pointed wording, that "access additional games on PC" bit, as the post stops short of promising that the PS VR2 will become another full-fat, play-anything PC VR headset like the Valve Index or Meta Quest 3. But any kind of official support for Windows games would be a huge step for the PS5-yoked PS VR2, which has enjoyed high praise among console players for its 4K OLED display and slick wireless controllers.

It is currently possible to connect the PS VR2 headset to a PC, either with a USB-C to HDMI adapter or via any graphics card with a VirtualLink port (yeesh, remember those?). Windows will apparently even recognise it, without any drivers, though actually playing PC VR games with the controllers is a no-go. The best you can do is plug in a gamepad and use the headset as a glorified, head-strapped monitor, which doesn’t exactly seem worth the additional neck muscle usage.

That could all change once Sony get this newfound PC game support up and running. Depending the extent of its playable library, I do think the PS VR2 could be a workable option for PC VR – while it’s pricier than the Quest 3, at £529 / $550, by all accounts the hardware is great stuff. Who knows, maybe it could even come accompanied by PC ports of some existing PS VR2 highlights – I wouldn’t mind having a go on Horizon: Call of the Mountain, and RPS’ Reality Bytes columist Rick Lane could finally play the Resident 4 remake’s VR version on Windows.

You could also look at this development as a simple extension of Sony’s continued push into personal computerdom. Multiple former PlayStation exclusives have found their way over here in the last two years, from the original God of War to next month’s Horizon: Forbidden West release. Still no Bloodborne, though, soz.

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