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Sony's PS4 exclusive Days Gone has come to PC

Their second scloosie come over, after Horizon Zero Dawn

Continuing their newfound interest in PC gaming, Sony today released 2019 PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone for Windows. It's an open-world action game about bikers in a post-apocalyptic USA overrun with zombies (here known by the hilarious term "freakers"). While the PlayStation scloosie I crave is Bloodborne, I do broady understand that Days Gone is one of those 7/10 games which hits just the right note with some people to hold them, thrill them, kiss them, and kill them, so that's nice for them.

Cover image for YouTube videoDays Gone – Story Trailer | PS4

So, the world as we know it is gone, replaced with a nightmare of zombies, weirdos, and shadowy organisations. Off you go on your bike, exploring, crafting, collecting, and searching for the wife you were separated from. I've heard a mix of "It's a bit bum" and "Actually it's great", which is definitely an energy I find more interesting than a broad concensus of "Yeah it's good".

Sony say the PC version is fancied up with features including "ultra-wide monitor support, unlocked framerates and improved graphics (increased level of details, field of view, foliage draw distances)." Initial player reviews seem pretty pleased with the port.

Days Gone is available now from Steam and the Epic Games Store for £40/€50/$50.

Sony said earlier this year that more PlayStation scloosies would come to PC, with Days Gone being their second after they started with Horizon Zero Dawn last year. No word yet on what those mysterious other games might be. I don't expect they'll release the big fancy new games they rely on to sell consoles but go on, do Bloodborne next. Or at least make good on that Demon's Souls fake-out.

If I were a git, I would have subtitled this post: Sons Of AnarchZ. Or if the Days Gone's zombies are called "freakers", you could get classy with that olde 'long s': ẜons Of Anarchy. But that would be both gittish and smug.

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