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Sounds Good: Resonance Demo

Resonance, the forthcoming adventure published by Wadjet Eye next Tuesday, has already won over the heart of adventure hardcase, Richard Cobbett. Now you can see if the quad-charactered sci-fi adventure might appeal to your stoney heart too, via the magics of a demo (direct link). Thoughts and a trailer below.

You know what - I went into this thinking, "Yeah, but I'm pretty much done with this whole retro pixel AGS adventure thing. Sure, it's a useful took for making amateur classic-style point n clickers, but when they're released commercially is there really a reason to stick to graphics from 1993? Ten minutes into the game I've forgotten all that meaningless grumbling, and instead I'm just enjoying myself. That's a pretty good thing.

The plot immediately reminded me of NBC's ill-fated Flash Forward. There was a reason that show was ill-fated - it was rubbish. But the premise was not, and it seems not to be here too. At a certain point, explosions go off all around the world, caused by some mysterious device. You play as four different characters, whose stories run simultaneously in the build up to that moment (and maybe after it - I've only played the demo so far), in a combination of near-future sci-fi and just general everyday life stuff. Which is a splendid combination.

It's also a surprisingly big demo, going on far longer than you'd assume. There are some real high moments in here too, especially the mainframe hacking scene. Definitely one to check out.

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