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Intergalactic Planetary: Space Engineers Adds Planets

Don't you tell me to smile

As well as trying to trap a brain inside a computer, Keen Software House want to squeeze the whole dang universe into one too. Their latest Early Access update to Space Engineers [official site] last night added diddy 'planets' and moons to its sandbox space, so you can now leap off your spaceship and plummet all the way down onto a planetoid, if that's a thing you want to do. When their AI escapes, it'll fire us at planets with a spacegun as revenge for trapping it, so we better get used to the idea. Or you could land to explore, build, fight, and all that, I guess. Whatever.

Its planets are a touch on the small side, but they are fully destructible so you could drill clean through one if you wanted, if you had enough time, and if your computer can handle it. If your hardware doesn't support DirectX 11, you won't get to mess about with planets, though DX9ers can still play Space Engineers without them.

Planets may not be too happy about your presence, mind, as apparently Space Engineers is set in a galaxy where burrowing alien spiders are a common lifeform. No thank you. Pirates also set up base on planets (and in space), hiding shiny loot behind drones, traps, and other defenses. Check the patch notes for all new in this update, and here's a new trailer showing off planetary antics:

Watch on YouTube

Or, even better, here's plummeting towards a planet at 4x speed:

Watch on YouTube

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