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Space Invaders Extreme takes the classic shooter clubbing next month

Now where's my all-Rush mix tape?

Space Invaders Extreme might be late to the party, but it still knows how to please a crowd. Originally released for the Nintendo DS back in 2008 and eventually updated and remixed on the Xbox 360, it puts a music-synced, beat-heavy spin on the shmup genre progenitor, and it's coming to PC next month.

Shmup-loving publisher Degica are following up the release of Extreme with an oddball accompanying act; the PC debut of Groove Coaster, a one-button iOS and arcade rhythm game with trance-y visuals and a variety of bass-heavy remixes of Taito arcade classic tracks.

While it's not entirely clear which version of Space Invaders Extreme is getting the porting treatment to PC, I'm holding out hope that it's the oft-spectacular 360 edition of the game for one special reason: That version includes some collaborative work from scruffy sheep aficionado and demigod of synaesthesia Jeff Minter. Best played with the lights off, on a big TV, and with the sound cranked up as high as your neighbors will allow.

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Don't be put off by the dense UI on the game and swirling backgrounds. This is still Space Invaders, and while there are some tricks to keeping up a consistently high score, for the most part it's familiar 'move left, move right, shoot' stuff. Extreme is also less difficult than the original arcade classic too, given that it's more focused on delivering a smooth and satisfying clubland experience, with every sound and explosion getting synced to the pulsing beat.

Degica's surprise second release is going to be a PC port of Groove Coaster, a simple but similarly stylish rhythm game released to arcades and iOS, although I gather that the servers behind the mobile version have since shut down, preventing it from being played. You can get a little peek at what to expect from this footage captured by YouTuber 'The UnknownSwag' showing off the Arkanoid Vs Space Invaders track, featuring some pleasingly Pendulum-like drum & bass beats in the latter half.

No price for either game has been announced, but they're both due for release next month, with Space Invaders Extreme having a Steam store page up already.

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