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Undertale DLC hits Taito rhythm 'em up Groove Coaster

You're gonna have a good time

Undertale's spectacular soundtrack has found a new home today, in an unlikely partnership with old arcade studio Taito and their minimalist rhythm game Groove Coaster. Being that these are two games I regularly return to (although Groove Coaster mostly lives on my phone), it's a pairing I'm plenty happy with. While sadly only four tracks, they've picked some good ones for this DLC, and the levels they're wrapped around are appropriately themed. Below, a cute trailer featuring our favourite lazy skeleton trying his hand at DJ'ing. Minor Undertale spoilers below, too.

The four tracks in the DLC are:

Death By Glamour - Theme of the world's most fabulous robot, Mettaton.
Last Goodbye - The special medley track used in the True Ending credits.
Battle Against A True Hero - The first special boss theme used on the Genocide route.
Megalovania - The sound everyone hears before they die. And die. And die again.

There's also a handful of little avatar sprites you can use, including the perpetually squinty-eyed lost child, Flowey, or (most appropriately) just a little heart representing your musically entranced soul.

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It's a good set of tracks, and Megalovania is a given. Interestingly, that track has a lot of history to it - it dates back to one of Undertale creator Toby Fox's earliest projects, a Halloween mod for SNES JRPG Earthbound he made when he was just 16. You can hear the earliest version of it here, courtesy of YouTuber Cameron. Later it went on to become part of the soundtrack for leviathan web-comic Homestuck, before officially mutating one more time and forever becoming associated with short, depressed skeletons. I reckon that it's easily one of the best boss themes ever written.

The Undertale DLC is available now on Steam for £5.40/$6.36 or as part of a bundle with Groove Coaster itself for £17.79/$22.35. The PC version is published by Degica.

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