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Space Pirates & Zombies Expands For Naught

If you own top-down Freelancer-esque (ish) game Space Pirates and Zombies and were about to carve an ice-statue that signifies your inner turmoil at the lack of the game's Bounty Hunter faction... stop! Put down the chainsaw and step away from your copy of Ice Sculpting the Modern Way. You'd have never have forgiven yourself and the art world would have mocked you mercilessly if they knew you'd started that without checking RPS, because I'm about to tell you about the free SP&Z's Bounty Hunter expansion pack. Save that ice swan for some other internal strife.

The free expansion to the fulsome space-faring action game docks on March 19th, and adds the Bounty Hunter faction to the universe, a global faction whose Strongholds (megabases) will inhabit about 1/6 of the stars the random generation spits out. The hunters are only active in their home stars and neighboring system. They're both hirelings and hunters, available for money to help you, but if you cause trouble you will receive a bounty and have to fight them off when you're on your missions.

But those amoral jerks aren't the only addition: incoming is arena fights, laddered space battles for the particularly skilled ship-to-ship fighter. There's also ten new ships, so you can fight those battles in shiny new ship clothes.

It means this video of the game is now a bit out of date, but just imagine it with more things. Can you do that for me?

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The full notes are here, and it's only £7. There's a demo, and some Quinns-notes if you need more convincing.

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