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Spend your Saturday watching several more PC speedruns on AGDQ

To do (quickly!!)

The yearly speedrunning event AGDQ is nearing its end but there are still a lot of PC runs to watch tomorrow, many of them new releases from 2019. The week-long winter edition of Games Done Quick is always fascinating even for older games with established speedrunning strategies. For new PC games, it will be a treat to see the earliest methods and discoveries that speedrunners have concocted.

Imogen already rounded up some of the best AGDQ 2020 moments from earlier in this week's speedrunning shenanigans. Among them is a show-and-tell live craft demonstration of how a Fallout 4 glitch works. There are sure to be more excellently odd and fun moments during Saturday's games so you'll want to tune in for your favorites.

Here are the PC games you can watch tomorrow on AGDQ and the times you'll find them:

  • Dark Souls (any %) - 5:32am GMT / 9:32pm (Friday) PST
  • Control (any %) - 6:27am GMT / 10:27pm (Friday) PST
  • Blasphemous (All Bosses/Glitched) - 4:14pm GMT / 8:14am PST
  • Katana ZERO (all stages) - 5:24pm GMT / 9:24am PST
  • Clone Hero (Guitar Hero Showcase) - 6:15pm GMT / 10:15am PST
  • Untitled Goose Game (All Main Tasks) - 10:50pm GMT / 2:50pm PST

I've yet to play Control this year so for me Katana ZERO and the Untitled Goose Game will be the runs to watch. I don't know a thing about speedrunning either yet aside from the fact that Katana ZERO has an official speedrun option in its menu—which I found while going to check how long my own original playthrough was. I spent around nine hours playing through all 11 of the action platformer's side-scrolling levels.

Of course I'm not shocked that the speedrun is scheduled for only a fraction of my playtime at 36 minutes but I'm eager to find out just what a Katana ZERO speedrun looks like. My own memories of the game that got RPS's "bestest bests" stamp last year was dying a lot. Does the speedrunner called "yisk" just know each of the stages so well that they don't die at all?

Glitches in speedrunning are fascinating to the side of me that was once a developer but in reality what I most enjoy watching isn't folks wall hacking or boundary breaking. I just like to see people play games impressively quickly with a level of skill and accuracy I'll never master. So that's my personal wish for Katana ZERO's run.

Awesome Games Done Quick is benefiting the Prevent Cancer Foundation this year. You can find out more about the event on its website and watch all of the runs on Twitch.

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