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Here's some of the best moments so far from Awesome Games Done Quick 2020

Even if you don't know the games, these runs are worth a watch.

Awesome Games Done Quick (aka AGDQ) has started yet again, and just four days in has already blessed us with some unforgettable moments and absolute must-watch PC speedruns. The clips I offer up to you today involve one speedrunner whacking out a real life model to explain a glitch, one speedrun where everything went wrong but everyone had a fabulous time anyway, and one game developer exclaiming "frick cancer in the bum."

For starters, we have tomatoangus' run of the Fallout Anthology. Tomatoangus (or tomatoanus to his friends) did a brilliant run through every Fallout game, from 1 through 4 including New Vegas (sorry Fallout Tactics and 76, you weren't invited), clocking in at just over two hours. In general, he was an absolute pleasure to watch, the best part however, was during a starting section of Fallout 4. During the long cutscene where, spoiler, you watch your spouse get shot dead while in cryosleep, he explains in great detail how a certain glitch he's about to use works by pulling out a model he had made from pipe cleaners, cardboard and plastic cups. And you know what? It actually helped me understand how on earth he performed the glitch he showed. I can't even remotely begin to explain how it works in my own words, so have a watch of the Twitch clip below and marvel at just how impressive speedrunners like tomatoangus are.

Next up, we have the Terraria speedrun where everything goes wrong. This is the very first time a speedrun of Terraria has been done at GDQ, and the first time this particular runner has entered a GDQ too. And, despite many, many mishaps, it's one of the most entertaining runs of this year's event so far. From the start it seems the RNG gods have been kind to speedrunner TVGBadger, but as the game progresses he runs into a bug that stops an enemy from dropping an item he needs for the run. It's a bit of a roller coaster ride from that point on.

"Don't worry though, we'll definitely complete the entire run," he says about 4 mins and 28 seconds in. Unfortunately, this absolutely jinxes the entire run. He ends up having to switch to a backup world about halfway through, which seems to be the cause of the final boss not spawning. Then, at the end when he tries to cheat and spawn said boss in so the viewers at home can see it, even that goes wrong and the run remains unfinished. It was a valiant effort, and TVGBadger's endless positivity and is a force to be reckoned with. His mission was to create a memorable run, and he absolutely achieved it. My only hope is he returns one day to conquer Terraria once and for all.

Lastly we have Psych0sis' run of Amid Evil, the duration of which he had some of the game's developers watching along, dropping game keys on Twitter whenever they received a donation. The run itself was your standard incredibly impressive speedrun - the beautiful part about it however, was the developer's reactions. There was some shock, some awe, and just a tiny bit of swearing which usually is a one way ticket for people to get banned from GDQ. But the developers meant well when they said "fuck cancer", it is, after all, what this charity event is all about. Towards the very end of the run one dev quickly throws in a "frick cancer in the bum". Because apparently that sounded better than just swearing. Regardless, it was an excellent send off to a fun speedrun, and definitely worth a watch if you have a spare 30 minutes.

AGDQ is streaming right now on Twitch, and ends this Sunday at 8:30am GMT. It's all to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, and you can check out the event schedule right here.

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