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Spider-Man! Spider-Man. Er, Spider-Release Date

As surely as it's going to rain all summer long here in Blighty, so there's surely going to be a new super-hero movie with game tie-ins. This time it's The Amazing Spider-Man, who will be slinging webs as only a tidy young actor - not a nightmarish twitchy arachnid half-breed - can. It's a fancy-looking open-world type thing, and it really does look moderately entertaining. The men at Strategy Informer have used their release date-confirming powers to ascertain that the PC version will arrive on August 10th, a healthy month-and-a-bit later than its console cousins. So that's great news. Just great.

Amiable developer-narrated trailer below, if you're into that sort of thing. (You so are.)

Cover image for YouTube video

Spider-Man really isn't all that amazing in the grand scheme of super-heroes, but I suppose each comic needs its prefix.

Oh no, I am getting that thing where you read a word too many times and it looks weird. Spider, Spider! SPIDER!

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