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Splash Damage working with World of Tanks company on something warnew

But what is it?

Splash Damage, the studio behind Enemy Territory and Dirty Bomb, have joined forces with the World of Tanks/Warplanes/Warships lords at Wargaming to work on "new gaming experiences". No specific game is announced yet but huh, I am always curious to see what Splash Damage do. It seems not impossible that Splash Damage might make some sort of objective-driven multiplayer FPS in the Enemy Territory mould, and that Wargaming would name it World of Warsomething. The question is: which Warthing? World of Warriors. World of Warmen. World of Warfaces. World of Warwars. World of Warworldwarwarworld. We just don't know.

Here, this is how vague it is. "The partnership will see Splash Damage applying their vast multiplayer expertise to brand-new projects for Wargaming's community," said today's announcement. But wait, there's more!

"The two companies will work in tandem to enrich Wargaming's portfolio with new gaming experiences," Wargaming added. There you have it: portfolio enrichment.

I'm half-tempted to guess that it is an Enemy Territory/Brink/Dirty Bomb dealio, because Splash Damage release a new revision of that idea every four or five years, but maybe not. They are still working on Dirty Bomb, after all, and are now self-publishing the free-to-play game after getting the rights back from Nexon.

Splash Damage have made more than Enemy Territory 'em ups, of course, with games including the turn-based tactical Rad Soldiers and work on the multiplayer sides of Batman: Arkham Origins and Gears of War 4. These mysterious new gaming experiences could be anything. Well, anything with war. Waranything.

But if it is an ET 'em up named World of Warmen, I want credit and a cut of the takings.

Disclosure: I'm chummy with several people who work/worked at Splash Damage. Yes, absolutely I will try to seed the name World of Warmen to secure my claim to a cut - which is legally binding and cannot be challenged fyi.

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