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Spooky Oceanic Exploration: Iron Fish Announced

A supernatural tinge

Settle down, littluns: it's time for more of Alice's pond stories. I've started practising diving - feet hip-width apart, bend knees, bum out, arms pointing to entry point, launch from balls of feet, legs together - and delight in reaching deeper into darker waters, looking around in the murk as I surface. One day I will encounter one of the Moving Things that I know live there, and freak the heck out. Maybe it'll prepare me for Iron Fish [official site].

Announced today, it's an undersea journey from the sunny shallows down, down, down eleven kilometres, encountering unknown sealife and lost civilisations. Have a peek:

Cover image for YouTube video

Iron Fish will see a British naval agent going down down down to investigate the depths. It looks like she starts swimming about herself from a first-person view, but soon needs to hop in her high-tech submarine - water pressure can do terrible things to a human body. Down she goes, exploring forgotten places and hopefully dodging hostile sealife.

Developers BeefJack and Dean Edwards say the story "blurs the boundaries between science and the supernatural" and I am certainly up for encountering things that should not be in black depths.

The game's due before the end of the year, probably from October to December, on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It's having a crack at Steam Greenlight too.

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