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Spot the difference in 3D dioramas with this upcoming game

Not just for kids, okay

The greatest disappointment of adulthood is no longer receiving an activity sheet in restaurants, forcing one to converse about existential accounting and corporate philosophy rather than spotting the differences in two near-identical pictures of an eerie mascot. A tragedy every time. How Heston Blumenthal got six Michelin stars with an attitude like that, I'll never know. Anyway, this means I'm quite keen for the upcoming release of Tiny Lands, a spot-the-difference game with wee 3D dioramas to rotate and explore. Check out the trailer.

Quite nice, aren't they? Five differences in each scene doesn't sound a whole lot, but I suppose I'll also spend a fair while just admiring the wee scenes as I rotate and zoom to inspect them. I do like dioramas and doll houses an awful lot.

Tiny Lands is coming to Steam on the 22nd of January, made by Hyper Three Studio and published by Maple Whispering. It's set to cost $7, though it will have a 10% discount at launch. A Switch version is due to follow later.

We live in a good time for fans of activity sheets. Over on the object hunt pages, Hidden Folks is wonderful game with bustling scenes full of people to find, and a cheap and cheerful series from some other folks is popping out a new game every few weeks. Though I've not got into the 'adult colouring book' trend because it's not the same without a waiter doing me the kindness of binning my shameful mess at the end.

You have fun discussing how Camus would respond to Shenmue or whatever it is you do (probably scolding me for rhyming the two), I'll be over here scrutinising canoes.

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