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Spyro Reignited Trilogy is PC-bound says Taiwanese Rating Committee

When the BLU Spy and RED Pyro fall in love...

The lovely Spyro Reignited Trilogy - a remake bundle of Insomniac's three Spyro The Dragon games - is headed to PC, if the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee aren't fibbing to us. Spotted by the ever-eastward-looking Gematsu, the listing even includes preliminary box art, featuring the logo for Iron Galaxy, who previously brought the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy to PC. It would seem that our version is in good hands. While no date is given, I'm hoping it'll be here soon. Activision are publishing, and you can see a trailer below, featuring before/after shots of the original.

If you've never played a Spyro game before, they were in many ways the PlayStation answer to Nintendo 64 collectathon mascot platformers like Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie. While Spyro's individual levels are relatively compact compared to their N64 rivals, there's a lot of them and a lot of variety to them. As well as the usual running, jumping and bopping enemies (mostly by breathing fire at them), there's a lot of little mini-games and diversions. Some pretty tough boss fights at the end of each world, too.  They were good games, if held back a bit by PSX hardware.

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The Reignited Trilogy, produced by Skylanders studio Toys For Bob, leaves Spyro's core largely untouched, aside from smoothing some difficulty spikes and bits of egregiously bad level design. They went the whole hog and then some in updating the look of the games. The three PSX 3D platformers look utterly charming in motion, like a 3D cartoon come to life. Character designs, voice acting and cutscenes have been reworked entirely, and the environments - while still spartan enough for fast navigation - are lushly coloured and full of incidental little details.

While mostly excellent remakes, instilling the characters with a lot of new Pixar-esque cartoon charm, the console versions did launch with some issues. The first (and arguably worst) was that the second and third games lacked subtitle options, though they were patched in later. Tech-wise, while running consistently well and looking gorgeous, the Reignited Trilogy runs at a locked 30fps on consoles, and load times were an issue. Given that Iron Galaxy's Crash Bandicoot port managed to squash both of those problems on PC, I've got my fingers crossed they can pull the trick off again.

There's no release date, official page or any set-in-stone announcement, so treat all of this as just rumour and hearsay for the moment. That said, ratings boards tend to be accurate sources.

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