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Spyro has been modded into indie cat hit Stray

Here be dragons

Four legs? Check. Adorable? Yup. Winged and purple? Wait, that’s not a cat. It’s only Spyro the dragon, modded into Bluetwelve’s hit indie miaow ‘em up Stray. Quite a decent fit too, Spyro me ol’ chum. It’s a bit like if Toys For Bob decided to give the plucky young drake his own version of Sonic Frontiers.

Katharine liked Stray enough to award it a Bestest Bests, and chatted with vid bud Liam about why the game's so appealing.

Modder MrMarco1003 has plonked the Spyro from the remastered Reiginited trilogy into Stray, straight up replacing the game’s cats with dragons. It’s a pretty convincing mod, and Spyro actually seems like a decent fit for Stray’s visual style. Marco's other mods include adding Spyro into Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8, as well as Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. He's also replaced Resident Evil 3 remake's Nemesis with Shrek and put Simba from The Lion King into GTA 5.

The Spyro mod joins the ever-growing pile of interesting alterations players are creating for Stray, such as local co-op multiplayer, along with adding in their own cats, dogs, CJ from San Andreas (hi CJ) and Garfield. Someone even modded Stray’s cat into Doom. Nobody seems to have got Doom running on a cat yet though.

Katharine, cat-owner and game-appreciater in equal measure, thought Stray was worth a Bestest Bests in her Stray review, even beyond its admittedly cute felines. “Stray's production levels as a whole are phenomenal,” she said. “The atmospheric lighting and attention to detail in this densely packed city makes it feel like a natural, living, breathing environment, and its population of exquisitely animated androids are imbued with a real sense of warmth and humanity.” See, you don’t even need the cats.

The Spyro mod for Stray is downloadable from NexusMods here. You’ll need to own the game too, which is on Steam for £24/$30/€30.

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