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Stray gets the multiplayer treatment with this local co-op mod

Just try not to get into a cat fight

A lot of people love cats, as cyberpunk moggy sim Stray showed us when it launched last week. Now, you can enjoy Stray together with some buddies and/or pals thanks to a new multiplayer mod for the game. This is classic stuff people, because we’re talking splitscreen local co-op.

Owner of multiple Felis catus Katharine really enjoyed Stray, as she told vid bud Liam.Watch on YouTube

Stray’s multiplayer mod was created by KangieDanie. It’s not purr-fect, because only one player can see the HUD. You can add multiple players but that might cause some issues, KangieDanie says. At time of writing, some players have been getting stuck when levels transition too. To fix it, you’ll need to go back to the main menu and then return to the game to continue. It’s a nice option to be able to play with friends or family in one of the most talked about games released this year, though. Maybe more games should, y'know, just bring back local co-op?

This is far from the only mod that Bluetwelve’s feline adventure has seen over the last week. Of course, the first thing you’d mod in is your own cat, and that’s exactly what many have done already, but we’re also suffering through my fellow CJ from GTA: San Andreas being warped into four-legged form. Oh, and Garfield. People are even modding Stray into other games now, including Doom. The seemingly nonsensical language from Stray has been handily decoded by members of the game’s burgeoning community too.

Katharine gave the game a Bestest Bests in her Stray review. “Stray is still a remarkable action adventure game in its own right, and whose naturalistic approach to 3D platforming is among the best I've seen,” she said. “It proves we don't need condescending slathers of paint to point us in the right direction anymore, and that there are better, more immersive ways of traversing dense and detailed play environments.”

The Stray multiplayer mod can be downloaded from NexusMods here. You’ll need the game too, obvs, which is on Steam for £24/$30/€30.

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