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(S)Quids In: Octopus City Blues Kickstarter

I love cities, and I moved to London to experience life as part of tapestry of the giant, throbbing organism of England's capital. The city in this open-world 2D adventure game Octopus City Blues is an incredibly literal interpretation of the language people use to describe cities, with the surreal setting of this city's foundations being a fricking octopus. A living, breathing, sucking city: its tentacles creeping through the streets, sliding in and out of every crack, the blood of the beast turning the people into drug addicts. Adam had a brief look at this last month, and promised a Kickstarter would emerge. It's here, and I've just backed it.

Why? Because it sounds amazing, that's why. The lead character, Kaf Kafkaryan, is a coward and an octo-blood junkie trying to figure out what his dreams mean. To do so he needs to wander the landmasses settled onto the octopus's arms.

[Octopus City Blues is] A 2D adventure game that focuses on exploration, replay value and the consequences of choices. It simulates the lives of the city's NPC as they go about their daily schedules. Each NPC is important and has his or her personality and relationships. The city is changing all the time and dynamic events happen frequently. The main plot is explored using a number of independent quests that can be attempted in any order. Choices are central to the game and can be affected by several factors such as Kaf's stress and guilt.

Though they had me at "The authentic Octopus City simulation for Windows".

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