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Alpha Dog-Fight: Star Citizen's Second Reveal

Now with less technical issues

I hadn't watched the Star Citizen PAX East footage that Nathan posted last week until this morning. It reminds me of that one dream where I go on stage to deliver a profound speech, and only realise mid-way through that I've forgotten to wear any trousers and am on fire. In front of a whooping crowd of avid spacers, Star Citizen lurched from one technical problem to another until it was barely fit for service. This is why so many on-stage 'reveals' show pre-canned footage with over-enthusiastic hollering in place of server connectivity issues. Eager to make amends, RSI have stitched together some new footage showing the aspects that failed or were shunted off due to a lack of time. It's all below.

Skip to just after the 23 minute mark to see the footage that the team have assembled since returning from PAX. The first part of the video is an edited version of the PAX on-stage reveal, which is worth watching if you missed the first, longer version.

I've been struggling to avoid thinking along the lines that Star Citizen is pitched in some sort of battle with Elite: Dangerous. After so many barren years, it seems impossible that two excellent space sims will appear so close to one another. Elite's combat has already won me over so Star Citizen is - unfairly and irrationally - relegated to second place. In the interest of justice and reason, I watched the latter half of this video twice and I'm now less interested in first and second place, and more interested in buying a flightstick and spending the next few years in two separate spacey spaces.

Star Citizen is certainly of interest. I haven't been following development all that closely and I can see that's going to change now. I'm trapped in the gravitational pull of yet another star-obscuring behemoth. In case all of my sci-fi fantasies weren't geeky enough, let it also be known that I find the management of weapon and energy systems by far the most thrilling part of space combat. This is the only genre I want voice controls for, simply so I can continue to shout 'MAXIMUM POWER TO SHIELDS' at my computer without the terrible awareness that my words are futile.

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