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Alpha Dog: Star Citizen Update Triples Its Playable Ships

Arena Commander 1.0

The latter half of December belongs to Elite: Dangerous, but despite being perfectly gracious about that, Chris Roberts' rival space game Star Citizen has made a play for a little pre-Christmas action. Its Arena Commander playable module has had a big, fat '1.0' attached to it, and apparently triples how many ships you can burn money on fly. It's billed as "the most significant update" yet to the playable aspect of Star Citizen.

Arena Commander is the official name for Star Citizen's dogfighting alpha, (which you have to pay for separately if all you did was buy the game. These times!) which has been out for a while now. If you want to meaningfully play (or simply eyeball the various spaceships you've bought) the game that's raised $67 million in player backing and add-on sales, the Arena Commander is basically your only port of call right now.

The 1.0 version triples the playable ships, which is important because it's the first time that people who've dropped money on some of the gazillion spaceships available as DLC get to actually look at what they've bought. The 1.0 release also offers a redesigned cockpit UI and a new lobby system so you can show off your ride to mates. Oh, and there's a manual available for it too.

Despite the fancy number attached to it, "today’s release of Arena Commander 1.0 is a beginning, not an ending" apparently, and it's been squeaked out a little earlier than hoped because the devs wanted people to have it before the world goes into Christmas shutdown.

I should give Arena Commander a shot at some point, but it really is hard to make time or mental space for two space games at once. First world problems and all that. Anyone else given this a spin yet? Should I throw off spaceship monogamy in favour of a more libertine, spaceship polyamorous lifestyle?

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