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Star Citizen Summons Sandworm, Squadron 42 Delay

A nice sandworm

Los Angeles was all Star Citizen [official site] a-go-go last weekend, hosting the spaceship game's annual CitizenCon celebration. Cloud Imperium Games took to the stage to update fans on what they've been up to, and show off future work-in-progress versions. Bad news: this does include a delay for the singleplayer companion game Squadron 42, now pushed out of 2016 into... who knows? On the flipside, Cloud Imperium did show some pretty planets and a honking great sandworm rising to snap at hoverbikes and aircraft so, y'know, that's certainly a bonus.

Here's an archive of their livestreamed presentation:

Watch on YouTube

Squadron 42 stuff starts at 56:40. Star Citizen head honcho Chris Roberts says they've got Squadron 42 blocked out and had hoped to have one chapter polished to release quality to show at CitizenCon, but it wasn't quite fancy enough for them to bring. "We want to do it right", he repeated, and as they're not pushed by a publisher to rush, so they won't.

"That's my long-winded way of saying that as much as wanted to have Squadron 42 for this year, it's not going to be this year," he continued, "because from the polish we need to do, it still needs more time."

Okey cokey! That's not really a surprise, especially given the game's bumpy development. Roberts says they hope to show their super-polished mission soon.

But the real business: jump to 1:25:20 for in-game Star Citizen action with pretty planets. They fly above them! They drive over them! They shoot at people on them! They go walkies! They enrage a sandworm inside them! It is a nice sandworm. Go to 1:54:20 for the sandworm. Good sandworm. Not quite Dune-grade, but absolutely better than Mass Effect's Thresher Maws.

They also gabbed about the game's own communication client and development roadmaps and plans and all that but the point is: sandworm.

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