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Watch Magical Procedural Trees Grow In Starboretum

Wonderful procedurally-generated trees

At the intersection of three of my greatest passions - plants, wandering, and watching plants grow - sprouts a new work-in-progress look at the tech behind Starboretum [official site]. Also trees. Lots of trees. They sprout, rise, branch out, and spread their leaves, powered by magical procedural generation. Starboretum's made by Alex May, one half of the duo behind arboreal RTS Eufloria. As an expert virtuatree-watching wanderer, I must say this video is just the ticket for a Friday afternoon.

Alex also suggests listening to, say, this while watching. Go on.

Lovely that, isn't it? You might now be wondering, "But what is it?" Don't know. Couldn't tell you. Perfectly happy in this ignorance. Its description on Twitter is a "monouser cultivation and transcendence simulator". All I know is that has wonderful trees and is quiet and calming to encourage idle reflection and contemplation, which I am certainly on board with.

Watching this reminds me of Meadows but it's so very much fancier. The way the different trees rise and spread and sprout is just magical. Sadly, we have no word on when it'll be released.

[Disclosure: I know Alex May. He has bought me drinks in pubs, but I've bought him drinks too. I didn't keep a record so I couldn't tell you whether he's up or I am. It's probably me.]

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