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SC2: Heart of the Swarm now free for Liberty owners

Get swarmed on

If you, like me, bought the original StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty then skipped the sequels, good news: you can now get the Zergy one, Heart of the Swarm, for free. This little freebie comes ahead of Blizzard launching a big free version of SC2, including the Wings of Liberty campaign, next week. Yeah, I'll give this a go now for free. Stomp around as Kerrigan and make some meatfriends, sure, why not?

People who owned Wings of Liberty as of October 31st this year can now fire up the client and claim Heart of the Swarm for free. Look for the little gift icon in the top-right corner:

Clicking that should open a window letting you claim a free copy of HotS. I'm already installing mine.

I don't really play real-time strategy games in multiplayer and Wings of Liberty's campaign was wobbly enough that I didn't fancy buying HotS, then it slipped out of my mind. Alec's old review said the Swarm campaign's story and writing were guff but it had some big fun action bits and yup, I'll go for that. I like aliens. I like meat. I like rampaging alien meatmonsters.

We've got until December 8th to redeem the gift, after which it'll expire and vanish.

The free version of StarCraft II, launching on Tuesday the 14th, will contain the Wings of Liberty campaign along with SC2's full competitive multiplayer and most of the cooperative mode. Read this for more details.

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