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Stardew Valley looks well cute as a Polly Pocket toy

How lovely!

The loveliest thing I've seen today: the farm and farmhouse of Stardew Valley drawn as a Polly Pocket toy by artist Brittnie Marcil. Polly Pocket, if you don't know, was a line of teeny doll houses, dioramas, and playsets hidden inside mock makeup cases. Pleasing little treasures. While we could never afford such fancy toys when I was a nipper, I remain wholly delighted by Marcil's picture today. Come admire!

Getting clicking on her tweet for the full-size version and close-ups:

Very good contended chicken, down there in the field. The aquarium wall in the lounge is a dream come true. I like the plants climbing the walls of the witching attic. I'm feeling inspired to plant a rockery of my own on my next farm too. Lots of small details to coo over here.

Stardew Valley's creator, Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone, seems impressed too:

If you like the picture enough to hang in your own full-size home, Marcil is selling prints and cards. Lots of cute stuff on her store. She's done a wee Animal Crossing Polly Pocket too.

Oh, I know! Polly Pocket was the girly counterpart to Mighty Max, also by Bluebird Toys, if that means more to you. Do you know those? And then Mattel bought Bluebird and made Polly Pocket bigger and worse? I'm throwing things out here because I honestly don't know how popular any of these toys were beyond my own school playground. Did you know them? Did you find a Polly in your pocket? I want to say Mighty Max had a cartoon on TV too? My five minutes of childhood nostalgia standup is going terribly. D'y'remember the nineties, eh? When the toys became so small they'd slip clean out your brass hand?

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