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Stardew Valley adding separate multiplayer finances option


The next free update for Stardew Valley will let players have their own separate wallet in the cooperative multiplayer mode, creator Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone has revealed. Yes, you'll get to blow your cash on lawn flamingos without riling your one pal who takes virtuafarming oh-so seriously. Or simply run your own farms as neighbours rather than colleagues. As Barone toils away, he shared a screenshot ↑ showing a new map as well as hinting at other newness. Expect new haircuts, new clothes, and a new breed of dog. Yes, new dog!

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Barone tweeted about the update on Saturday, calling it "a big one" and teasing that the attached screenshot only showed "a fraction of what's coming." All he mentions it showing is "a new farm map called Four Corners that's perfect for the much requested 'separate money' option in multiplayer." He explained how that works in a follow-up tweet.

"If you have an existing multiplayer farm, money will remain shared, but you can go to the Mayor's house to separate (or re-join) the money at any time. If you separate it, the current funds will be split evenly among the players. For new farms you can set the option at start."

Even if you do play it as separate farms, which the Four Corners map looks to be set up for, players won't have entirely separate experiences.

"There is one shared cave, shared community center, mines, etc," Barone explained. "You're still working together to achieve common goals, it's just a little more independent (which leads to some interesting gameplay)."

BUT that's plenty more he doesn't talk about. Keen-eyed farmers will see many unfamiliar items in that screenshot (click to embiggen). You'll notice new clothes including a dress (the game currently has none), a new breed of dog, new haircuts, a jukebox, and other newbits. But mostly a new dog. Which you'd hope means new cats too?

Barone is focusing on adding more to Stardew Valley over working on his next game, he said in December, though he plans to work more on that mysterious project once he has assembled a team to continue Stardew updates. Yup, the game came out over two three years ago (February 2016) and it's still going.

Stardew Valley update 1.4 will launch when it's done, I guess!

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