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Station To Station delivers minimalist railway management in October

And the chill demo is still available

A voxel steam train passes through a valley village in Station To Station
Image credit: Prismatika

Developer Galaxy Grove have announced that the minimalist railway game Station To Station is wheeling to release on October 3rd. That’s an already packed month for exciting games, but I’ll forgive this one based on how damned good those voxels look. Plus, a relaxing railway management game might be the perfect antidote for Big Game Burnout in the coming months.

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That looks lovely, doesn’t it? Station To Station tasks you to make railway connections for some low-stakes pseudo-puzzling, as you try your hardest to maximise efficiency. Alice Bee had a great time with the game’s Steam Next Fest demo this year where she kindly broke down how it all works:

Trains are one of those things that make even the most besuited and booted of grown adults go "Choo choo! A-chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga!" with delight because they're good and fun. The little voxel steam trains in Station To Station are extra cute, and they're most useful engines, pottering around connecting all the buildings so that wheat gets to the windmill and flour gets to the bread and bread gets to the city. As you successfully connect networks, buildings send out a little glowing circle of productivity that causes the grass to burst into bright green colour, trees to pop up, flowers to grow, and all the little buildings to spring into greater life.

My joints are always ready to tap away at games that make me feel like a good human being, helping my fellow people transport goods across the world. The game’s store page even name drops Mini Metro and Terra Nil as inspirations (among others), so I’m definitely looking forward to it. Station To Station comes out on October 3rd and that great demo is still available on Steam.

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