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Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition begins now with hundreds more demos

Too many to try in a week

The year of digital festivals continues with yet another Steam Game Festival. For its autumn edition, Steam is once again offering hundred of free game demos for you to play paired with livestreams and developer Q&A's throughout the week. The festival is on now and will run through next Tuesday, October 13th.

Valve say that the selection of demos features games that are planning a release on Steam within the next six months. There are all sorts of games on offer, but their trailer focuses on those with multiplayer and co-op. That physics-based duelling game Hellish Quart has a demo, as does silly physics game Party Animals, Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp, and two-headed dog co-op game Phogs. There are so, so many more to find on the autumn game festival page.

In addition to more demos than any one person could conceivably try, there are livestreams and talks to catch around the clock. You can find the schedule for that in the Steam news hub. Developers will be livestreaming their own games. Some will be doing Q&A sessions. A handful of hosts for the event will be jumping in to several different games with co-op silliness. Yup, it sure is a lot to take in.

The festival is on from now until next Tuesday, October 13th at 6pm BST / 10am PDT.

Well, my brain's sure fried just trying to comprehend all the choices as I scroll through. You, oh reader, which demos are you going to download?

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