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Hellish Quart is a sword dueling game made by a Witcher 3 animator

Whack your mates with all kinds of 17th century blades

Indie studio Kubold are making a sword duelling game named Hellish Quart, and it looks to have some excellent ragdoll and sword-whacking physics. The lead developer, Jakub Kisiel, was animator and motion capture actor for The Witcher 3, and he's bringing those skills to his own game which will feature proper motion-captured fencing techniques. It's not just fencing Hellish Quart has to offer though, you'll be able to duel your pals with all sorts of 17th century blades.

It sounds a bit like there are some Witcher music inspirations in Hellish Quart, too. Have a listen for yourself with the trailer below.

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Hellish Quart will have a singleplayer campaign and an arcade mode, as well as local multiplayer if you fancy whacking your mates with some cool swords. Kisiel has cited 90s fighting game Bushido Blade as an inspiration. As mentioned before, it features mocapped animations, and swords properly clash together when you're duelling.

If, like me, you like seeing how mocap is done, there's some great stuff on Kubold's Twitter. I don't know what I expected when they said the fighting techniques were motion captured, but yeah, that sure is a person in full fencing gear and lots of mocap dots.

I'm also a big fan of the game's adjustable ragdoll stuff, which seems to change characters from professional and fluid swordsmen, to wobbly drunk dudes.

According to its Steam page, Hellish Quart is coming out in early access at some point "soon", with a full release coming after a year or two. Have a gander at the website for more info.

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