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Steam's Golden Week sale is live now, offering discounts on games from Japan

Here are some suggested buys

Steam's Golden Week sale is live now, offering discounts on thousands of games from Japan. A quick glance shows plenty of great games in the mix, including Death Stranding at 60% reduced and Ace Combat 7 at 75% off.

Golden Week begins each year on April 29th and groups together several holidays in Japan. The Steam sale will run a week from today, until May 6th at 10am PT/6pm BST.

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It's easy enough to find big games via Steam's landing page. We named Death Stranding one of our favourite games of 2020 and it's £22/$24. Brendy found Ace Combat 7 an absurd delight and it's £12.50/$15. Tales Of Vesperia and Tales Of Berseria are 80% and 85% off respectively, ahead of Tales Of Arise's release this September. Nier Automata is 50% reduced to £15/$20, in case Replicant's recent re-release has piqued your interest in its better successor.

If you're into fighting games, Tekken 7, Street Fighter 5, Soul Calibur 6 and Dragon Ball FighterZ are all less than £10. Me, I just started watching One Punch Man, so I'm looking at A Hero Nobody Knows and wondering if it's worth £10/$12.50 despite the 'Mixed' Steam reviews.

You can also poke around the sale using the Steam store's new categories, such as theme and visual style. It's never been easier to find a game in which cat girls run a patisserie.

I was hoping to find something obscure to recommend, but honestly, my pick is Death Stranding. It's a beautiful, strange, melancholic hiking sim and a steal at £22.

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