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Strafe is out now for you to shoot in

The Quake and the dead

Strafe [official site], the shooty murdergame from “the past”, is out now to shoot and murder in. Alice thinks it looks a bit tryhard with all its 90s over-the-top-ness, but Adam thinks it is a glorious and brutal rampage that feels fresh despite its commitment to blocky textured throwbackism. So here I am with no idea who to trust. Adam went to a school for magicians, but Alice has attained immense knowledge from eating hundreds of lesser nerds. Whoever you side with in this great conflict, know that Strafe is out now, bloodfriends.

Watch on YouTube

If you lost consciousness for a brief moment in early 2015 you might not have seen Strafe’s gory advert. Since then we’ve learned more. It’s a fast-paced, procedurally-generated FPS toying with some rouguelike elements, as modern vidyagames are wont to do. Adam played it at E3 last year and had this to say:

“Short, smart and tough, it’s a fine interpretation of a period in PC gaming that many of us remember fondly, but it has enough tricks of its own to feel elegant and modern, despite its grungy graphics”

But we're sure to have some more to say about it soon, so stay right here and do not leave this website until we do. Or go and watch the bloodspattered and piss-takey FMV trailer for it, if you’re into that sort of Kung Fury type deal. Meanwhile, the game itself costs £14.99/$19.96 on Steam.

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