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Strangeland looks gross and I don't want it but it's out now

New point-and-click from the makers of Primordia

The headline is a compliment. Strangeland is a psychological horror game and I am a giant wuss; something would be wrong if I didn't find it actively repulsive.

You, though, you might be made of stronger stuff than me, in which case you'll be glad to learn the Wadjet Eye-published point-and-click adventure from the makers of Primordia is out now.

Here's the trailer that made me go nope:

Cover image for YouTube videoStrangeland launch trailer

Strangeland takes place in a nightmarish carnival in which a woman hurls herself down a well, and you set out looking for answers. You meet "jeering ravens, an eyeless scribe, a living furnace, a mismade mermaid" and chat and puzzle to progress in traditinal point-and-click style.

Not too traditional, mind. The developers say they've tried to "remove the punitive aspects of adventure games", like "dead ends, illogical puzzles, [and] pixel hunting". There's also an integrated hint system you can use, if you get stuck. That's welcoming, even if it's welcoming you into a giant nightmare clown mouth.

Folks had strong feelings about Primordia, the developer's previous adventure game back in 2012. For example, Nathan's Primordia review said that the game was ultimately satisfying, with great characters and atmosphere, albeit held back by some "obtuse puzzle design," but there was lively discussion in the comments underneath from folks who liked it a lot more. In any case, it's nice to see the developers returning with a big release after so many years with only a handful of small, free games released in between.

Strangelands is out now on Steam and GOG for £10.25/$13.49/€11.24, if you've got a spine where your spine should be, unlike me.

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