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Strategy RPG Songs Of Conquest will hit 1.0 with a final campaign next month

Paying HOMMage

Songs Of Conquest is a strategy-RPG with some of the most handsome pixel art around. Steam tells me I've played its Early Access release for 0.7 hours, which was long enough to know that I wanted to play more and would wait for version 1.0. I won't have to wait much longer. It's now got a May 20th release date.

The 1.0 release will add a fourth and final campaign to the game, which will feature "the mercenary tinkerers of Barya." The announcement says that 1.0 won't be the end of updates, however, and they're currently finalising plans for more post-release "content, updates, and general improvements".

I called it a "strategy-RPG" up top, but that's probably broad enough of a genre to not be useful. Songs Of Conquest has hero units that march around a world map, kingdom management in which you construct buildings to gather resources and hold terrain, and turn-based battles that happen on a hex-grid. In battles, you'll command small squads of units you construct, with items, armour and ground elevation all affecting the outcome.

Put another way: it's a spiritual successor to Heroes Of Might & Magic, with more interesting fantasy creatures and greatly superior (but similarly evocative) pixel art. Sin was already impressed with its initial Early Access release.

I am glad it's now hitting 1.0. Maybe I should try to finish Unicorn Overlord (on Switch only, boo) to make space for more tactics in my life.

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