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Street Fighter V's new fortune reading system offers up exclusive cosmetics and rewards

It'll appear on June 25

An update is coming to Street Fighter V on June 25 that will bring with it changes to the survival mode and introduce a new way to get cosmetics and consumables. The ‘Fighting Chance’ system will let you purchase fortune readings from Menat, containing random goodies. They’ll cost 500 fight money, which can be earned by playing the game.

If you buy a fortune reading from Menat, you’ll have a chance of netting yourself new colours, exclusive costumes like Cammy’s Cannon Spike costume and art from across the series. You’ll also get ‘Battle Goods’, a new type of consumable item that you can use to get a boost in Street Fighter’s survival mode. You can use up to five of them between rounds, but only in that mode.

Everything you unlock by shopping for fortunes is either restricted to single-player or cosmetic, so nobody will be getting an edge in competitive fights just because they shelled out a lot of fight money on some fortune readings.

While you won’t be spending any real money on these fortunes, to me they do resemble loot boxes. Indeed, the only thing that sets them apart is that they’re technically free, though you do have to earn fight money. It is, of course, a big difference, but still close enough to ruffle players’ feathers. Loot boxes have a bad reputation and it seems risky for Capcom to add them to a game that’s never really found its groove. You need a lot of good will to sell the idea of loot boxes these days.

Capcom could make them more appealing, though. One issue players have noted is that, while there’s now a whole extra system that costs fight money, there aren’t any opportunities to earn more. Hopefully some currency tweaks will be on the cards after the update arrives.

When the update goes live on June 25, check your inventory for a free loot box and consumables.

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