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Streets Of Rogue 2 goes open-world, and you can drive a truck through a barn

Its Steam store page is up, giving us our first look

The Steam store page for top-down roguelite sequel Streets Of Rogue 2 has gone live, and has some screenshots and a wee GIF of the game in action. This time, the immersive sim shenanigans are going open-world. The Steam page also provides some inkling of what else is coming when the game launches in 2023. Did I mention it’s coming out in 2023?

Cover image for YouTube videoHow Streets Of Rogue is a tabletop RPG disguised as a roguelike
Streets Of Rogue ended up being one of RPS's favourite games of 2019.

The follow-up to Streets Of Rogue is set in a “huge and seamless randomly generated world filled with cities, forests, islands, caves, and the occasional cannibal outpost”. You can do whatever you fancy within it, choosing to help people out, take over the government through an uprising, or just making a load of moolah by raising herds of animals and farming crops. There’ll be online and local co-op if you want to team up with do-gooder, anarchic, or hay-baling pals, and now you’re able to drive vehicles too. That includes speedboats.

Streets Of Rogue dev Matt Dabrowski revealed he was working on a sequel back in April 2020. Dabrowski acknowledged that the original game had expanded to the point that adding new features was losing its impact, and potentially risked breaking or unbalancing things. “I'd like to take Streets Of Rogue in some big new directions,” Dabrowski said, “but it’s tough to do so within the current structural confines of the game I've created." He seems to have managed to work in the touted vehicles and open-world structure.

Open-world roguelite Streets Of Rogue 2 launches on Steam in 2023.
Streets Of Rogue 2 lets you drive vehicles, including trucks.

Brendy (RPS in peace) gave the first game a Bestest Bests in his Streets Of Rogue review, happy to accept the game’s messiness for its huge variety. “It's a daft miscellany of violent mobsters and unseen assassins, criss-crossing feuds and small mistakes that snowball into bloody knife fights,” he said. “If you want a tiny, varied Deus Ex that will make you laugh, this is it.”

Streets Of Rogue 2 is aiming for a 2023 release on Steam. I’m interested to see what else I can drive trucks through.

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