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Super Arcade Football Demo Kicks Off

Ball ball ball, footy footy footy

Football is the people's sport, see, because all you need is some mates and something to kick. A ball, sure, or a cabbage, a cauliflower, a Harvey Nichols bag filled with scrunched-up newspaper, a rock, a crystal orb, a head, a skull - anything you have at hand is grand. Any time, any where, a nice bit of sports, all for free. So to tempt people into paying to play their silly virtual version of sports, developers OutOfTheBit have released a demo for Super Arcade Football [official site].

You can find the demo on Itch for Windows and Mac. The demo packs for four-player local multiplayer, with players split between teams in any way you fancy, and AI matches. It'll only let you play ten matches in total, but that seems enough to muck about with kicking balls and bending shots. Also, obviously the demo's missing a load of stuff from the full game.

Super Arcade Football came out on on Steam Early Access last week, where it's £6.99/9,99€/$9.99. OutOfTheBit expect to properly launch the finished version within a year. Or, one silly footballer slightly closer to leaving Early Access is Kopanito All-Stars Soccer, which is on sale for £2.69 right now. But here's Super Arcade Football:

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