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Super Best Friends! PC & PS3 Dust 514 Trailer

If you're not a regular Eve Online player, and if you don't own Sony's LittleBigUncharted emulator, you might not be aware that the PC players of Eve Online can now drop orbital strikes into the free-to-player PS3 shooter, Dust 514. CCP have decided it's time to trailerise such an event, so for 2m51s there will be some footage of a console game on RPS. Don't worry, though. I got your back.

It's actually to show off the next Dust 514 update, Uprising. But until they announce it for the PC, I refuse to look at the full trailer. Instead I asked my girlfriend to watch it and write me a watching guide. If you intend to just watch the PC bits, get a friend or relative to shout out when you can and can't look at the screen. Below is a handy guide.

Eyes open from 0 to 21s
Eyes shut from 21s to 33s
Open from 33s to 37s
Shut from 37s to 46s
Open from 46s to 55s
Shut from 55s to 1m07s
Open from 1m07s to 1m11s
Shut from 1m12s to 1m15s
Open from 1m15s to 1m20s
Open from 1m20s to 1m25s
Open from 1m25s to 1m32s
Shut from 1m32s to 1m43s
Open from 1m43s to 1m47s
Shut from 1m47s to 1m54s
Open from 1m54s to 1m56s
Shut from 1m56s to 1m58s
Open from 1m58s to 2m04s
Shut from 2m04s to 2m12s
Open from 2m12s to 2m29s
The rest is logos.

Watch on YouTube

If you do have a console, the game is in open beta already.

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