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Super Pig X only reveals the level once you've already died horribly

Super Meatier Boy

Sos Sosowski, of McPixel, Stomp it Up, and Mosh Pit Simulator infamy, has now set his sights back towards the under-serviced 'doing violence to farm animals' genre with Super Pig X, a follow up to the 2012 Flash game Super Pig. It's a brutal, Super Meatboy lookin' platformer where you guide a pig around pitch black levels until your inevitable demise splashes handy, revealing blood over whatever it is that last killed you. Wrinkle your game-snuffling snouts at the trailer below:

As you can see, you can only see when you die, see? This lowkey genius but also completely sadistic design choice is made even more complicated by randomised levels, multiple pigs, and all sorts of other beautiful nonsense. There's over fifty of these gory gauntlets for you to throw this innocent piglet against time and time again, and that includes some levels that can only be beaten by exploiting glitches. Can they really be called glitches if they've been deliberately designed as the intended route through a level? This seems like the sort of thing that would get you kicked out of SGDQ. I'm sure they'd be fine with killing the animals, though.

Super Pig X is currently available on Steam for £3.83/€3.99/$4.79, which includes a 20% launch week discount. There's also a vegan mode that replaces the pig with a tasty falafel, if you've any empathy left in your tattered, pig murdering soul.

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