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Reviews Roulette: The one with Donkey Kong's wooden nipples

Daddies for everyone!

Did you know Rock Paper Shotgun have an absolutely phenomenal, world-class video department? No? Well, you do now. And this knowledge comes from me, Alice L, one of the three members of said world-class video department, so you can guarantee that praise is true and unbiased in every way. Something we put together on an infrequent basis is Reviews Roulette. It's infrequent because it's no easy thing being a YouTuber. There are so many apology videos, rants, and call-out vids to do, it's hard to schedule the fun things more regularly.

Reviews Roulette is where the RPS video team take a selection of random review keys we've been sent, play them for ten minutes, and decide if we want to play them for longer. If they really catch our eye, they'll get the esteemed Daddy Wallace award. For context, please refer to this episode.

What makes this Reviews Roulette super special, is the arrival of new vid bud Astrid, it's her on-cam debut, and I think you'll agree she fits right in with Matthew and I. This is one of the few videos we've done in this series, and if you want to see more you can click on the video tab at the top of the site (or just click here). You've probably never ever heard of any of these games, but there are three Daddy Wallace awards in this one video so that should be reason enough to give it a watch.

If you are a YouTube frequenter, you can subscribe to the RPS channel to see more of this kind of thing. Also, once you're done watching the video (and if you actually genuinely like it) click on that thumbs-up button. It means YouTube can see we're doing good things and will hopefully help Reviews Roulette get the love it deserves. Let us know what you think in the comments both here and on the video. We love doing them, so we hope you love them too.

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