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Welcome Astrid Johnson, the newest member of RPS video

Back to full strength!

Our video team is whole again! After an exhaustive search, we've hired the excellent Astrid Johnson to join Matthew and Alice L in making videos for the RPS YouTube channel. Come join me in welcoming her to the team!

Astrid has been freelancing for RPS over the past year, analysing David Lynch Teaches Typing, and celebrating games like Hardcoded and Spitkiss. She's also responsible for the excellent Soundbyte, our audio mini-series which interviews subjects about unions, accessible controllers and sex games.

Astrid will be working with Matthew and Alice L on everything the YouTube channel currently does, including Let's Plays, lists and reviews, but with the video team finally at full strength we'll be able to start doing more. We've got a lot of ideas and we can't wait to finally make them for you, so make sure to destroy those like and subscribe buttons.

Say hello and welcome to Astrid in the comments below.

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