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Surprise, Stardew Valley update 1.5 is out right now on PC

Let's all head to the beach

Now hold up just a second, Stardew Valley. I've already worked out what I'm playing during RPS's holiday hibernation and you're just going to muscle in by dropping that big 1.5 update today? Yup, you sure are. We found out earlier today that the new update would definitely bring a beach farm. Well, now it's out for all us PC players to download and load up right this minute.

As outlined in developer ConcernedApe's announcement post, the new beach farm is just one of the changes coming when you start a new game of Stardew Valley. As we learned earlier today, the Advanced Game Options will let you shuffle up the bundles of items that you're required to collect for the Community Center upgrades. For those that have unlocking the greenhouse and other upgrades down to a science I'm sure this will be a nice little shakeup. There are some new hairstyles available when creating your character as well.

ConcernedApe didn't want to spoil what that new bit of endgame content coming to the game is and neither do I, honestly. If you'd like a peek at your presents though, you can check out the full update 1.5 changelog over here.

Update 1.5 adds split-screen local co-op, as well. Apparently some modders also got early access to update 1.5 so they could have shiny, new versions of their Stardew addons prepared for today's launch. Check in with your favorites, and our picks on the best Stardew Valley mods list, to see if they're already available.

Stardew Valley update 1.5 is out now on PC as proven by yours truly up there on a brand new beach farm. ConcernedApe says that it will arrive on consoles "early next year" with an update to the mobile version following at an unspecified time.

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