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Time Loops And Tears In SS2 Mod System Shock Infinite

Continuing SS2's story with a BioShock Infinite influence

Which would win in a fight: System Shock 2 or BioShock Infinite? Oh these petty arguments and spewings of bile come round every so often thanks to the weird compulsion to rank and rate everything in the gameosphere. Let's be lovers, not fighters. What would happen if System Shock 2 and Binfinite loved each other very much and wanted to share that love with the world? That's a better question. And it has an answer: System Shock Infinite.

The SS2 mod continues the game's story in a very Binfinite-y way, dabbling in time loops and reality tears, and even joins you with Marie Delacroix as a companion of sorts.

System Shock Infinite continues SS2's campaign with the hacker and Delacroix (both with new lines voiced by fans) trying to break a time loop, rewriting history, dropping through rifts, and discovering your many looped lives. Delacroix fills an Elizabeth-y role, popping up as some sort of time ghost to help you out and explain things. It casually ties SS2 into the world of BioShock a bit too. It's all very fanfic-y, but you're not going to grumble about having another SS2 campaign to play, are you?

The mod was first released in February, but comes to our attention now thanks to a new patch. You can download the whole thing on ModDB. It's essentially finished now, so don't hold back, though though a future release will bring remade movies.

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