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Balan Wonderworld will release a co-op demo next week

Bright and colorful platformer Balan Wonderworld isn't too far away from its March release date now but you can try it out next week if you're keen. Square Enix have announced that you can hop in and give it a go on January 28th. You can even try out the local co-op bits if you're planning to play along with a pal when it launches.

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Sci-fi shooter Outriders announces new release date and free demo

As with oh so many games originally planned for 2020, Bulletstorm devs People Can Fly's shooter Outriders has slipped into 2021. They've announced a new date now, a bit later than the February mark they'd previously mentioned. The good news is that they'll be putting a free demo in players' hands in February instead and launch will happen not too long after in April.

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Marvel’s Avengers adds Kate Bishop, AKA the other Hawkeye

Now that Iron Lad, The Cap'n and all the other big-name members of Marvel's Avengers have gotten settled in with each other, it's time to add a new character to the mix-up. Crystal Dynamics' first post-launch hero is Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), not to be confused with Hawkeye (Clint Barton), whose incredible superpower is the ability to lodge a sharp stick between your eyes using nothing…

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Dragon Quest 11’s original release has been delisted in favour of new Definitive Edition

There can only be one Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age. At least, that seems to be the going policy for publishers Square Enix, who have delisted the existing version of the RPG from Steam and other storefronts in favour of this week's new definitive "S" edition. Sure, while it's probably less confusing to only have one edition of your massive JRPG on…

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Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition arrives on PC today

It's been two years since Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age first came to PC, and today its shiny new Definitive Edition arrives. This version of the game allows you to turn on a "retro" mode to play the 3D JRPG as a 16-bit 2D game instead. I feel like downgrading the graphics is the opposite to what a "Definitive Edition" should do,…

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Square Enix to make working from home permanent

The pandemic has forced many companies to challenge their ideas about how they make games, especially about having everyone together in offices. Final Fantasy makers Square Enix shifted to working from home this year, and it's gone so well that they're choosing to open this up as a permanent option for many. They say this will let them increase flexibility and diversity, help with work-life…

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Marvel’s Avengers hasn’t met Square Enix’s expectations

Square Enix have posted the financial results from their Digital Entertainment - HD Games division, and it's safe to say Marvel's Avengers hasn't been the cash flow hero they'd hoped for. From the six month period of April through the end of September 2020, the quarter of Marvel's Avengers release saw losses of ¥5bn (£36m).

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Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition has a free 10-hour demo

Ahead of its release on PC next month, the horrifically long-named Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes Of An Elusive Age - Definitive Edition has a free demo you can play right now. It lets you explore the first 10 hours of the turn-based RPG, and all your progress will carry over into the full game if you end up buying it after.

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Final Fantasy XVI’s protagonist is named Clive

From the fantasy RPG series which brought you such striking protagonist names as Cloud Strife, Squall Leonhart, and Noctis Lucis Caelum comes a new hero: Clive Rosfield. Yep, the star of Final Fantasy XVI is named Clive. Clive! A classic dad name. "Unexpected events set Clive on a dark and dangerous road to revenge," Square Enix say. Perhaps someone at the IT consultancy firm where…

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Crystal Dynamics are working on requested Marvel’s Avengers features, delaying Kate Bishop

Marvel's Avengers has been out for over a month now, during which time the superhero service game has been bracing through some speedbumps. Since launch, Crystal Dynamics say they've been taking on feedback while solving bugs, matchmaking issues, and game stability. They've outlined some player-requested features and raid-style missions currently in the works, though the addition of Hawkeye Kate Bishop is getting pushed back. Oh,…

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Beefy loot-shooter Outriders has been delayed

I'm afraid there'll be no muscle-bound spacemen down the chimney this year, children. Outriders, the brutal third-person roadie-runner from the folks behind Bulletstorm, has had its plans for a Winter release scuppered by the mess that is 2020. People Can Fly's RPG shooter is now slated to arrive this February - but at least there'll be full crossplay when it finally arrives.

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An inheritance from a long-lost relative demands you live surrounded by Nier: Automata or Cyberpunk 2077 statues

Dearest reader, I bring you tragic and wonderful news. A wealthy long-lost relative has died (oh no!) and bequeathed you their estate (oh ho!) but with one unusual condition (o-oh?). Should you wish to claim their riches, titles, and mansion, you must fully accept into your heart and life one of two new ludicrous 1/4-scale video game statues. From now until your end, you shall…

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Nier Replicant Ver.1.22474487139 is coming in April 2021

Square Enix today announced an April 23rd release date for Nier Replicant Ver.1.22474487139..., the confusingly-named new edition of the 2010 action-RPG. This game is set millennia before Nier: Automata, the first game in the series that came to PC, though it does have a few familiar faces. The new version is tweaked, expanded, and prettied-up a bit, supposedly enough that Squeenix call it an "update"…

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Feature: Honestly, it's uncanny

Final Fantasy 16’s reveal trailer has big Final Fantasy 15 energy and I am here for it

Final Fantasy 16's future on PC may have been thrown into doubt over the last 48 hours thanks to Square Enix's ongoing exclusivity mess, but man alive, I am EXCITED all the same. Partly because its brand new "Awakening" reveal trailer shown off during Wednesday's latest PS5 Showcase a) looked fantastic, and b) explicitly stated it had been captured on PC, thereby giving me hope…

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Life Is Strange 2’s first episode is now free, forever

Get in the car, loser, we're going to Mexico - and we're not paying for the first hundred miles. Starting today, the first episode of supernatural teen sequel Life Is Strange 2is going completely free, permanently. Oh, you'll still have to pay up to see their journey through to completion, but now you can spend a few hours with the Diaz brothers as they begin…

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Sony’s PS5 showcase was exciting for PC gaming, then hugely disappointing

For a brief, beautiful moment last night, Sony were good to PC gaming. Their PlayStation 5 Showcase focused on their new console, sure, but they did let the Final Fantasy XVI announcement confirm a PC release, and they did reveal the Demon's Souls remaster is coming to PC too. For a company cagey about even acknowledging the existence of other platforms, this was delightful. Then…

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Final Fantasy XVI announced and it looks grim as heck

Update from Alice0: Gematsu claim Square Enix PR have told them no, they haven't confirmed a PC release, despite what the trailer on Sony's stream said. One analyst claims it is coming to PC, but Sony told him it's a 'full exclusive' on PS5 for six months and 'console exclusive' for a year. I've reached out to Squeenix PR myself for answers. Between this and…

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Final Fantasy XIV’s next update hopes to solve its housing shortage

Hey, did you know Final Fantasy XIV has a housing shortage? I was not aware Final Fantasy XIV could have a housing shortage, but here we are! Having already announced plans to shore up the shortage last month, Square Enix have now cemented the motion - building 720 new plots of land and erecting a new block of flats in each server when patch 5.35…

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Square Enix show off their Luminous Engine’s world editor

Square Enix's Luminous Productions studio are keeping their mysterious game Project Athia under wraps for now, but they have revealed more of the technology it's built on, the Luminous Engine. At a Japanese conference this week, the gang of former Final Fantasy XV folks gave a talk including a demonstration of its world editor, and they've kindly put it on YouTube for all to see.…

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