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Tales Of The Neon Sea washes into stores in April

Another part of the cyberpunk tidal wave

Colourful cyberpunk (as if those two are ever separable) puzzle game Tales Of The Neon Sea has scheduled its release for April 30th, and in celebration released a new trailer. The key addition seems to be the “gangster felines.” This is not a combination of words I was expecting to read today but, hey, the internet does love cats. You can take a look below, and don't worry, there is also a dog, for balance.

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As well as a proliferation of kitties, there seems to be a rather explode-y robot jellyfish hanging about these streets. On the other hand, no sign of that Grim Reaper-ish fella from last year’s reveal trailer. Beyond that, it’s much the same half-grime half-neon pixel beauty we’ve come to expect from the genre. There’s also some good ol’ human-android tension to contend with, and, of course, a deeply-rooted mystery to uncover.

What might mix things up (apart from the cat communities) is the game’s Chinese influence. Created by Palm Pioneer, a studio based in Chengdu, producer Tian Chao says it gives the advantage that the developers have experience “actually living in such a world of towering skyscrapers and hazy neon streets.”

If you don’t want to wait until April 30th, there’s a demo to test out available on the game’s Steam page now. It features the grumpy Mr. Mist and, more importantly, robot BB-X, whom I have instantly fallen in love with. They make coffee and have big eyes and are scared of the dark. I’m sold.

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