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Team 17 tease a new Worms game "like you've never played before" this year


Slapstick strategy series Worms has got something planned for ya this year. So grab your bats and explosive sheep. You'll probably need them. Team 17 have released a teaser video announcing that Worms is properly back since the first time since 2016. "Things are getting real in 2020," they say, though things still look pretty cartoon-y to me.

There's not a lot to spot in the teaser today. It's a teaser trailer for what will probably be another trailer, honestly. The first half of the video is a trip down memory lane with Worms of years past starting with Worms and ending on Worms W.M.D. Then your new invertebrate friend comes crashing into the party, smashing history and batting a bomb off-screen. Then a crown explodes. Typical. Is this when we shout "Worms battle royale confirmed?"

Team 17 say "Get ready for Worms like you’ve never played before!" That's not much to go off, aside from the vague indication that the next Worms game might be making some big departures from previous games.

Fraser Brown has good things to say in his Worms W.M.D. review. "Worms W.M.D., it turns out, is a delightful artillery game, and though I miss everything that was introduced in the last two games, the gaps they’ve left behind have been filled with things that suit the basic Worms formula," he says. Although it ditched a solo campaign, W.M.D. added crafting and vehicles to the arsenal of worms abilities. "While Worms W.M.D. might evoke the halcyon days of Armageddon, it’s more than capable of standing on its own as another high point for the series."

There's not much else to know about the next Worms game so far. Not even its name, I imagine. Team 17 could opt for the very bland "Worms 2020" but I don't suspect that'll be it. Perhaps we can cross our fingers for a proper singleplayer campaign this time around.

For more on the next Worms game, Team 17 advise you to follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

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