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Tears For Fears: Dreamfall Devs Announce Draugen

Dreamfall devs announce Draugen

This comes as a surprise. Red Thread Games, the Norwegian studio founded last year by Ragnar Tørnquist with the specific purpose of reducing John to a puddle of shuddering emotion, is making a first-person survival horror game called Draugen.

The studio has thus far been working solely on Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey, the crowdfunded sequel to John's emotional puberty, since September of last year. Draugen sounds like a considerably different kind of thing.

On the game's official site, Draugen is described as "a first-person survival horror adventure amongst the mountains and fjords of the Norwegian west coast in the 1920s." Its story is inspired by Scandinavian folklore, and sees the player exploring a village and discovering clues as to where its population has vanished.

I've read some of the Icelandic sagas. It's mostly about riding horses and stealing bread.

Development of the game is being funded by a $144,000 grant from the Norwegian film institute, and Red Thread are keen to stress that development on Dreamfall won't be affected by the new project, but that "since both titles are being developed using Unity 3D, tools, technology and knowhow will be shared between the teams, benefitting all."

The original Longest Journey and Dreamfall were designed by Tornquist while he was at Funcom, the Norwegian developer now mostly focused on MMOs like The Secret World. The new entry in the adventure series comfortably cleared its funding target on Kickstarter last year, netting the team $1.5 million to work with.

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