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Yarrr! Open-World Pirate 'Em Up Tempest Released


Way back in the year MMXV, we sent Marsh to Prematurely Evaulate an Early Access open-world pirate RPG named Tempest [official site]. He sailed the seas, plundering ineptly and kinda liking it despite a fair few problems. Well yo ho ho, shivers me timbers, fill me boots with cockles, and get me so smashed on grog I'm an problem sparking spirited debate in the morning - eight months later, Tempest has now left the port of Early Access Harbour and sailed into the Properly Released Sea.

Since Marsh played, the developers have added proper open-world sailing, more ships, new sea monsters, more quests, a giant turtle with a city on its back - y'know, standard pirate stuff. Oh, and you can recruit up to three pals to plunder together in multiplayer. Or turn on each other - y'know, standard pirate stuff.

That's what Tempest is all about: pirate things. Sail, battle, plunder, run missions, buy and upgrade ships, develop your crüe, pick up a few magical tricks, and try not to be destroyed by unholy sea creatures. That's the idea, anyway. How has the finished game come out? Dunno! Marsh is too busy at Mojang in his shed made of solid gold cubes nowadays.

Tempest is on Steam for Windows and Mac, priced at £10.99/14,99€/$14.99. Here, have a peek at the game and rock out to these authentic pirate tunes:

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